Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Will laser freckle rebound? Three matters needing attention after laser freckle removal

The star spots on your face always look awkward, even if you have bullet piercing skin and beautiful big eyes, so laser freckle removal is welcomed by beauty lovers.

Like many people, there must be a lot of questions about laser freckle removal. Is it safe, effective, rebound and side effects? Laser freckle generally does not rebound. Because the essence of spots is the deposition of melanin, and the essence of laser freckle removal is to destroy the melanin somewhere. After being destroyed, the tiny melanin molecules will be broken down in metabolism.

Spots suitable for laser treatment:

The spots on the face can be divided into three categories according to whether laser treatment is necessary or not:

  1. Naevus fuscocyanus, nevus of Ota and nevus pigmentosa in zygomatic region. These spots, whether using drugs, skin care products, whitening introduction, or fruit acid skin change, are of little use, and often have no effect of desalination.
  2. Other methods have the effect of desalination: freckles, sunburn, and senile spots. These spots can be slightly diluted by using drugs, skin care products, whitening introduction, or fruit acid skin change, but they have to be completely removed by laser treatment.
  3. Chloasma, pigmentation after inflammation. These two kinds of problems can be solved by drugs, skin care products and whitening introduction, without the use of laser.

Precautions for laser freckle removal:

  1. After laser freckle treatment, local cold compress is required to alleviate the pain after treatment. Those with infatuated skin at the treatment site can fall off by themselves within two weeks without hand picking, otherwise they will have serious pigmentation and easy to leave scars. And the price of this acne and freckle removal will not be very cheap, so we should carefully consider the choice.
  2. After laser freckle treatment, the treatment site should be kept clean to avoid infection and friction. Use anti-inflammatory drugs as directed by your doctor.
  3. After laser freckle treatment, after the scab falls off, there may be temporary pigmentation in the local area. In order to prevent this situation, pay attention to sunscreen maintenance.