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Why sunscreen after laser hair removal? What should we pay attention to after laser depilation

For women, having smooth and flawless skin is what they want most. In life, some women have too much body hair on their limbs, and too much body hair will bring embarrassment when they wear short sleeved shorts in summer. Therefore, many women want to remove excess body hair through laser hair removal, and many women who have done laser hair removal know that they need to do a good job in sunscreen after it, Therefore, some women wonder why they should do a good job in sunscreen after laser hair removal. What else should we pay attention to in addition to sunscreen?

Why do laser hair removal should do a good job in sunscreen?

Since the laser energy used in the laser hair removal operation is aimed at melanin, and it needs to be carried out 3 ~ 4 times in the whole process of hair removal, sun protection measures need to be taken at this stage, because sun protection measures can avoid excessive melanin deposition under the skin, so that the light wave can not be accurately selected during laser hair removal, Pigment cells under the skin are also prone to unclean removal. In addition, the skin can’t be exposed to the sun within half a month after laser hair removal. At this time, the skin is relatively fragile. If exposed to the sun, it is easy to damage the skin.

What are the precautions after laser hair removal?

1、 Don’t swim in the afternoon

After laser hair removal, do not swim in the afternoon for two weeks, because the water will absorb ultraviolet light and reflect, which will make the skin more damaged if it shines on the skin.

2、 Moisturizing

After laser hair removal, after cleaning the skin every day, let yourself use moisturizer. Using moisturizer can make the skin more lubricated and avoid problems caused by dry skin. In addition, try not to use too hot water when taking a bath. Too hot water is easy to scald and dry the skin.

3、 Eat more foods with high vitamin C

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant, which can reduce the pigmentation under the skin and effectively help whiten the skin. After laser hair removal, you can eat more foods with more vitamin C. vitamin C can improve and enhance the body’s immunity, prevent the formation of melanin and avoid the re formation of melanin under the skin.

Warm tips: if women want laser hair removal, they should know some precautions, and know that although laser hair removal is a relatively simple plastic surgery, they should also find professional hospitals and doctors. At the same time, women should also know that laser hair removal is not a one-time solution, it needs to be divided into multiple times, and only multiple times can completely remove the body hair.