Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

What skin problems can microneedle plastic solve?

  1. Wrinkle removing

Project features: pure biological wrinkle removal, lasting for 3-5 years.

Course effect: remove true wrinkles, maintain for more than 3 years and make you young for 5-10 years.

Special treatment: those with forehead lines, eye tail lines, legal lines, current wrinkles and neck lines.

  1. Fill acne

Project features: stimulate cell activity and smooth acne pits.

Treatment effect: 50-80% improvement, and the texture, color, elasticity and gloss of the skin have been significantly improved.

Special treatment: acne, concave skin.

  1. Eliminate pornography and black

Project features: it directly acts on melanin in the basal layer, inhibits melanin production and desalinates spots.

Course effect: after a course of treatment, the skin becomes shiny, transparent and white; Pigmented skin can fade after 15-20 days.

Special treatment: yellowish facial skin, uneven skin color, pigmentation and dull skin.

  1. Degrease and shrink pores

Project features: bioactive ingredients can eliminate acne causing bacteria, quickly heal wounds and weaken acne.

Course effect: after a course of treatment, it can significantly control oil and fat, shrink pores and prevent the formation of acne blisters.

Special treatment: those with strong oil secretion, acne, blisters and large pores.

  1. Replenishment

Project features: natural moisturizing factor and compound growth factor, directly delivered to skin basal layer cells.

Treatment effect: three times can make the skin tender, significantly increase the gloss, delay aging, and six times can achieve the effect of reversing aging.

Effective treatment: aging skin with rough, dry skin, thick cuticle and no absorption of any cosmetics.

  1. Eliminate stretch marks

Project features: it contains biological wrinkle removing and skin activating ingredients to repair damaged tissues and tighten skin.

Course effect: repair damaged tissue, tighten skin, 1-2 courses can reach 40% – 70%, and clean the trouble of stretch marks.

Special treatment: women with stretch marks during pregnancy and people with fat marks due to obesity.

Course of treatment: once every 21-28 days, 3 times as a course of treatment.

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