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What are the advantages of microneedle acne removal?

Good appearance, good temperament, acne on the face destroys everything. How many bitter acne friends can you say in one sentence! In fact, microneedle acne is a good choice.

Microneedle plastic, also known as microneedle mesoderm beauty, adopts the new international microneedle plastic technology, and the product absorption effect is more than 4000 times that of ordinary application. Using the positioning needle and the “point-to-point” ultra-fine penetration technology, the effective ingredients or liquid medicine are directly transported to the required skin tissue by positioning, layering and quantitative. A variety of nutrients and active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin tissue and play a role, so as to produce an effect.

1、 What is microneedle acne?

Microneedle acne removal uses many tiny needles on the microneedle roller to stimulate the skin to promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin in our cortex. These two proteins can help us recover acne pits and scars faster and achieve the effect of skin replacement.

2、 What are the advantages of microneedle acne removal?

Microneedles make a large number of fine channels by stimulating the skin, so that the active ingredients can effectively penetrate into the skin. While fine rolling acupuncture, it can activate lazy cells, repair damaged cells, accelerate metabolism, and promote cell division and regeneration.

  1. Whitening and cleansing

Inhibit melanin production, fade spots, speed up the transport of metabolites, so as to delay skin aging and make skin white, smooth and delicate as silk.

  1. Acne removing cavity

Promote collagen synthesis and regenerate fiber tissue, so as to achieve the reconstruction of deep reticular fiber structure, smooth acne pits and reproduce smooth and delicate skin.

  1. Deep cleaning

Let the skin “open”, ultra-fine penetration quickly make the skin clean and white.

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