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Wash your face a few days after laser freckle removal

Laser freckle removal technology can help people quickly solve the long-standing spot problem and restore the skin to a white and flawless state. Therefore, it is welcomed by many spot girls. Laser freckle removal is carried out directly on the face. Some people feel uncomfortable after laser freckle removal, so they want to wash their face. So how many days after laser freckle removal?

Laser freckle removal uses a laser instrument to produce a high-intensity beam. Different types of lasers can produce different colors of light. The laser of different colors is absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the laser energy is used to make the dye particles disintegrate and vaporize, seal the blood vessels, and then the dye particles are absorbed by the body to exclude them from the body, and the pigment disappears, so as to achieve the effect of freckle removal.

According to experts, modern laser freckle removal has matured and developed into an intelligent selective mode, which can accurately and nondestructive absorb all kinds of superficial and deep spots, such as freckles, coffee spots, sunburn, chloasma, etc. The laser mode of freckle removal is not single. Generally, cold light, skin softening laser and other equipment will be integrated to jointly protect the skin. There will be a scab period of about one week at most in freckle removal. At this stage, you must not scratch with your hands, and you can wait for the scab to fall off by yourself. It is best not to touch the spot removal part with water, and you can wipe it gently with a wrung towel.

After laser freckle removal, you don’t need too complicated maintenance. Just pay attention to strengthening sunscreen and avoiding irritating diet. If you wash your face, you should pay a little attention. Don’t touch the freckle removal area with force. Just clean it a little. This kind of careful care stage only needs to be maintained for a few days. About 3 ~ 5 days later, the skin color will slowly repair to be more uniform and healthy. Freckles grow on the face, cheeks and bridge of the nose, mostly in the shape of dots or sesame seeds. After each laser freckle removal, the skin will repair faster. It’s best not to touch water in a short time after laser freckle removal, so the cleaning problem should be a little cautious, but this repair stage will not last too long. With a little patience, you can see the optimization of skin color.