Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Precautions for gold micro needle

  1. Within 8 hours of gold micro needle operation, keep your face clean. Don’t steam sauna within 3 days. Try to avoid sweating. Don’t eat seafood, spicy and greasy food, eat more fruit and drink more water during treatment.
  2. During the treatment, pay attention to sun protection, dust prevention and anti stimulation, and prohibit the use of efficacy cosmetics. Do not touch water within 8 hours after operation, and wash your face with cold or warm water after 8 hours (do not use ordinary daily chemical line cleansing products).
  3. There may be slight tingling and flushing after operation. The pain symptoms generally ease or disappear after operation, and the facial flushing subsides within 1-12 hours (apply the repair solution every 2 hours).
  4. Some customers will have slight edema and dark red color on their eyelids after treatment. As long as they sleep and drink less water before going to bed, they can subside by themselves in about 3 days. Those seeking beauty need not worry too much.

Gold microneedles are different from laser treatment. By rolling microneedles on the skin, a large number of micro transmission pipelines are created between the skin layers, so that multiple nutrient elements of cell growth peptide gene active components can directly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin through the small pipelines, so as to achieve the effect of efficient repair, activation of cells, promotion of collagen and elastic fiber proliferation, so as to smooth wrinkles Firm the skin.

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