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Introduce the advantages of laser freckle removal

The laser emitted when removing facial freckles by laser can accurately penetrate the skin and reach the damaged part. The pigment particles in the damaged part are broken and destroyed under the irradiation of powerful laser, and then these broken pigments are swallowed and eliminated by phagocytes in the body. Laser removal of facial freckles has a good effect.

The advantages of laser freckle removal are as follows:

  1. Thorough: under the full computer monitoring, the doctor can search and scan the coffee spots of deep and shallow skin one by one with carefully adjusted wavelength, and finally absorb and break them. So that coffee spots can be safely and completely cured, and there will be no recurrence after treatment.
  2. Painless: the multi wavelength laser has a special dynamic cooling device. The laser emitted scans the damaged parts only after special cooling treatment. When treating coffee spots, it feels like a rubber band bouncing on the skin, so it doesn’t feel pain at all.