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How much does microneedle plastic cost

Do you dare to say you are young when you see dark yellow skin, spots and big bags under your eyes? These are the manifestations of skin aging. If you want to change back to the previous appearance, only plastic surgery can help you! Microneedle beautification makes the skin elastic and glossy again, and makes the skin young again. How much is microneedle beautification?

Microneedle plastic is a technical concept advocated by Europe and America, which is to integrate scientific and non-surgical medical beauty treatment into comfortable, noninvasive, painless and non anesthetic comfort treatment. Its emergence represents the foresight of this trend. Plastic hospital experts introduced that the micro needle can make nutrients penetrate into the dermis. In addition to the whitening effect, it can also relieve the thin epidermal layer such as fine lines around the eyes, and the effect is lasting and reliable. Scope of use: skin whitening, lightening color spots, improving eye wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes, stimulating the proliferation of bone collagen, tightening and improving facial skin tissue. The operation procedure of microneedle injection into Meisu is to open the cell membrane aquaporin through laser stimulation and electrostatic field force. Through this channel, the cells obtain the materials provided.

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