Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

How do lasers wash tattoos

Many people have tattoos in obvious places, which has a great impact on their own image and is also a problem for finding a job. At this time, they need to wash tattoos. Now they can wash tattoos by laser, but many people don’t know how to wash tattoos by laser? Next, I will explain this content in detail for you. I hope it can help you!

There are many ways to wash tattoos, but now everyone has chosen the laser tattoo washing method to wash tattoos. Do you know the principle and method of laser tattoo washing? How is laser tattoo washing carried out?

Principle of laser tattoo washing

Laser tattoo washing is a permanent artificial pigment spot formed by pricking the skin with pigment lines, which plays a role in decorating and beautifying the skin. However, for various reasons, many people need to remove their tattoos, which is commonly referred to as washing tattoos. It provides a particularly ideal method for washing tattoos. The laser can immediately break and destroy pigment particles with high energy. The broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation.

The process of laser tattoo washing

Laser tattoo washing therapy is to apply the laser to the affected area, break the pigment particles into very small debris, remove the scab from the skin, or discharge the blood circulation and phagocytosis to complete the pigment metabolism. This method does not destroy other skin tissues and does not leave scars after operation. It is the preferred method for the treatment of tattoos at present, but the cost is slightly more expensive.