Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

How about the effect of laser freckle removal

The principle of laser freckle removal is very good, because the laser of a certain wavelength can only be absorbed by the laser relative to the wave band, so only the diseased cells will absorb the specific laser, while the normal cell tissue will not be damaged, so it will not leave scars.

High end laser technology can also control the depth of the skin reached by the laser, and the adjusted pulse light can minimize the damage to the skin. Laser freckle removal can restore the skin to normal in 7 to 10 days without affecting your normal life.

The principle of laser freckle removal is that the laser instrument produces a high-strength beam, and different types of lasers can produce light of different colors. The main point is to use the meat eye color of laser for treatment.

Therefore, laser freckle does not hurt the skin. Different colors of laser are absorbed by different colors of skin, and the laser energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the dye particles. The ideal effect of laser freckle is determined by the principle of laser. The blood vessels are closed, and then the dye particles are absorbed by the body and discharged from the body, and the pigment disappears.