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How about the effect of laser dispelling stretch marks

Many women will have trouble with stretch marks after giving birth. They can’t achieve the effect after applying a variety of products to remove stretch marks. At this time, it is recommended to use laser technology to remove. So, how about the effect of laser removing stretch marks?

Laser treatment of stretch marks is that the laser emits a specific wavelength pulse width laser to selectively penetrate the epidermis, stimulate the damaged collagen layer and produce new collagen tissue. The new collagen tissue grows at a normal speed, improves the texture and state of the skin, and significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the effect of laser treatment of stretch marks is very good.

Laser treatment has a wide range, comfortable and easy treatment process, painless and traceless. It is the love of the majority of beauty lovers. Laser is not only effective in removing stretch marks, because it is suitable for various skin types and can effectively improve various spots formed by facial pigment.

Stretch marks are essentially the thinning of the skin and the rupture of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis. The treatment of repairing stretch marks is mainly to minimize the fracture of fibers in the early stage, even if the local blood circulation is improved in the early stage after fracture, so as to stimulate the repair and regeneration of fibers.

After several laser repair treatments, stretch marks can repair, regenerate and reshape the damaged fibers, so as to reduce the length and width of strip stretch marks and achieve significant improvement of stretch marks. The treatment interval is about 20 minutes, and each treatment takes about 2 months.

There are many clinical examples of the effect of laser repair of stretch marks. Generally speaking, after laser treatment of stretch marks, as long as there is no redness after a few hours, it is recommended not to touch water for about three days. Laser repair of stretch marks will not affect normal work and life, daily social activities and special care. It is the most ideal and scientific repair of stretch marks at present.