Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

How about laser hair removal technology

In order to achieve the painless effect of hair removal, laser hair removal technology reduces the heat energy of a single irradiation and increases the irradiation frequency, reducing the heat energy of 40 joules each time during treatment to 10 joules that are difficult for the skin to detect. Laser hair removal increases the irradiation frequency within the same time as the previous treatment technology, so as to achieve the same hair removal effect.

Due to the low thermal energy during treatment, the beauty seeker will not have the slightest sense of anxiety and tingling. In terms of safety, the technology of laser hair removal is very mature. It will never damage the skin tissue outside the hair follicle, and the perspiration will not be blocked. Laser hair removal is a very safe hair removal technology. Laser hair removal technology uses laser to directly act on the root of hair follicle.

Through multi beam special laser multi frequency irradiation treatment, the hair regeneration can be prevented from the root. The carefully designed laser pulse can directly enter the dermis and be absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicle. Laser hair removal produces photothermal effect, which completely destroys the hair follicle and hair stem. Laser hair removal, and through repeated treatment for three to six times to strengthen the effect of hair removal, so as to achieve the purpose of complete hair removal.