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Can the abdomen be depilated with laser

Can the hair on the abdomen be depilated with laser? Beauty lovers don’t want to have too much body hair on their bodies, but some people are born with more abdominal body hair, which seriously damages people’s image. Therefore, it needs to be improved through hair removal. Laser hair removal is a common modern hair removal method. Can laser hair removal be used for more abdominal hair?

1。 Abdominal hair can be improved by laser hair removal. The principle of laser hair removal is to take melanin as the target and carry out hair removal treatment accurately and selectively. After melanin absorbs laser energy, the temperature rises sharply, resulting in the destruction of surrounding hair follicle tissue. Laser hair removal is carried out on the abdomen to remove the hair. Where there is no hair follicle, it will not be damaged due to small heat.

2。 Laser hair removal can not completely destroy all hair follicles at one time, but a slow, limited and selective destruction process. For coarse black hair, hair follicle cell necrosis after laser hair removal can effectively prevent hair regeneration for a long time. For fine and light colored hair, hair removal can only cause the destruction of some hair follicles, which will deform and shrink the hair follicles and accelerate their transformation to the degenerative and stopping period, which will shorten the hair, lighten the color and significantly slow down the growth rate. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve permanent hair removal effect after several laser hair removal treatments.

3。 One week and a half months before the abdominal depilation operation, the body hair of the parts that need depilation cannot be removed, so as not to affect the treatment effect. Before depilation, the body hair needs to be shaved or cut, but the effect will be the best if the hair can be left on the skin with a hair head of about 1mm.

After that, the light emitted by the optical quantum equipment is absorbed through the principle that the pigment in the body hair absorbs light energy. The body hair converts the absorbed light energy into heat energy and transmits it to the hair follicle. In particular, the hair follicle should be destroyed to shrink the hair follicle, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal without any impact on the sweat glands.