Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Adaptive population and taboo population of microneedle

(1) Adaptive population

  1. White collar workers with dull, pale, tired or even edematous skin;
  2. Women aged 30-55 with loose, sagging, aging and decreased skin elasticity;
  3. 18-35 year olds and adolescents with acne scars and marks on their faces;
  4. Women with pregnancy marks after delivery.

(2) Taboo population

  1. Forbidden during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation;
  2. People who are allergic to protein and metal should use it carefully;
  3. It is forbidden when you are in an allergic state, especially serious;
  4. It is forbidden for those with thin skin, slow recovery and other inflammation such as acne and abscess on the skin surface;
  5. In the period of serious heart disease, hypertension, hyperglycemia, poor hemagglutination mechanism, nervous system disorder and scar proliferative skin should be used carefully.

Postoperative precautions

  1. Do not use functional cosmetics during the course of treatment;
  2. During the treatment of microneedle plastic, eat less spicy and stimulating food and do not drink drinks with strong pigment;
  3. Do not wash your face with water eight hours after the treatment, do a good job in sunscreen and dust prevention, and do not drink during the treatment;
  4. Avoid sunlight, computer radiation, do not apply irritating cosmetics, avoid sauna during the course of treatment, and eat more fruit food containing VC.

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